The northernmost town on the the British mainland.
A headstone for the Swanson family. Relatives of mine.

Thurso in Caithness, is located on the far north coast of Scotland. It is actually the northernmost town on the the British mainland. It is the furthest north I have ever travelled.

Many generations of my ancestors lived in this town or near by it. I know so much more about them since I returned to Australia than I found out in the short time I was there. I will have so much more understanding if I ever get the chance to return.

The Thurso River where Alexander Swanson drowned.
Towards the Orkneys
Thurso Castle
Ruins of a Kirk
Shore Street, Thurso
Generations of my lot lived here.
So close to Orkney. Next time, perhaps?
There was haggis for breakfast. My compromised digestive system will never forgive me that.

I had never been here before, but it felt like returning home. Please let there be a next time.