verb /ˈbləʊvɪeɪt/
US: Talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.
Origin: Mid 19th century: perhaps from blow.

Definition source: Oxford English Dictionary

I fell in love with this word the moment I first learned of it’s existence, however, I have a disturbing hint it describes my writing style all too appropriately.  Having thus been warned, here are all the articles that don’t fit into any precise category elsewhere on this site:—

State of the blog:—

6 June 2018

There are about ten articles mostly researched, nearly ready to be posted, but not quite ready for primetime, and then there’s that stunning new piece of information that means about half the Dyson articles are going to have to be revised.

I have a list of about 120 subjects that might become future articles and that list is growing all the time. Finding time to actually write up all this material is the problem of the moment. Also, I’m currently employed writing up the family history of a certain ancestor’s family, but not the currently famous one. I hope to reveal more about this soon as well.

I’ve enabled comments for selected articles for those who would like to leave a constructive comment. You are free to disagree with me, you are free to tell me I am flat out wrong (which I can be, often) but keep it constructive. Explain why.

All comments will be moderated and I reserve the right not to publish any or all of the comment submitted. If you wish to contact me privately on some matter, please use the contact form on the comments page.