A reference list for the children of James, Fanny and Jane Dyson

The descendants of James, Fanny and Jane

Between the three of them, they gave birth to twenty-one children. Of these ten of them were able to produce children of their own. Across many different names and various DNA test results, these are the Dyson descendants who then produced children of their own:

1. Joseph Dyson (1845-1912)

married Mary Ann Elsegood (1853-1874)

1.1. Joseph Dyson (1872-1937)

married Jessie Christinson Strutt (1878-1955)

Leslie Guy Dyson (1900-1974), Roy Strutt Dyson (1903-1980), Dorothy Ethel Norton (1911-1991) all had families of their own.

2. Ellen Christina Edwards or Dyson (1851-1912)

married John Thomas Smith (1849-1934)

2.1. Hannah Jane Smith (1873-1917)

married John Thomas Maddock (1870-1966), then Arthur James Gliddon (1881-1962)

Hannah produced 16 children across two marriages. At least five of these also produced children.

2.2. Ernest Charles (Dick) Smith (1874-1941)

married Catherine Eliza Frances Cheeseman (1879-1944)

Stanley Edward Frederick Smith (1901-1971) had a family.

2.3. Emma Mary Louisa Smith (1876-1954)

married John Francis Brown (1874-1939)

Leslie Commonwealth Powell Brown (1901-1957) had a family.

2.4. Edric William Walter (Brusher) Smith (1881-1923)

Had at least one child to someone other than who he was married to at the time.

2.5. Ethel May Smith (1887-1960)

married Albert Richard Booth Casey (1885-1929)

Richard Baxter Casey (1924-2016) and maybe others.

3. James Edwards or Dyson (1853-1918)

married Emily Harriet Tuckerman (1850-1925)

Children by William Oswald Dyson (1881-1926) or George Mathew Beaumont Dyson (1887-1963) have yet to be identified or ruled out having families.

4. Thomas Dyson (1855-1914)

married Margaret Wilkinson (1857-1938)

4.1. George Henry Dyson (1879-1926)

married Miriam Myra Clifford-Thompson (1890-1977)

Irene Victoria Flegg (1912-2002), Ethel May Stokes (1915-1984), Archibald Henry Dyson (1920-2009), Blanche Violet Holycross (1926-2014) all had families.

4.2. James (Jim) Dyson (1881-1935)

married Susannah Theresa Cartwright (1882-1950)

Ernest Edward Sydney (Snow) Dyson (1903-1929), George Henry (Harry) Dyson (1905-1972), Ada Margaret Hand (1909-1992) all had families

4.3. Percival Leonard (Percy) Dyson (1882-1953)

married Theodosia Hannah Wallis (1880-1964)

Lillian May O’Hara or Sorragahn (1904-1991), Doris Evelyn Curry (1907-1988), Florence Edna Kirkwood (1909-?), Ernest Leonard Dyson (1913-1998), Charles Thomas Dyson (1915-1999), Robert Edward Dyson (1918-1994) all had families.

5. Hannah Dyson (1856-1902)

married Charles Henry Smith (1852-1925) then John William Stevenson (1862-1908)

5.1. Hannah May Smith (1875-1947

married Benjamin Horrocks (1873-1917), then after that, a cousin.

Christopher Norman Horrocks (1904-1977) had a family.

5.2. Ethel Graham Stevenson (1893-1970)

married Harry Opal (Opie) Hicks (1885-1931) then John Joseph Brown (1876-1947)

Desmond Graham Hicks (1926-2017) had a family.

6. Andrew Drewy Dyson (1858-1927)

was married to Charlotte Ashworth (1862-1941) but had no children with her. The sole child he fathered was by a mistress named Sarah Bates.

6.1. Andrew Samuel Dyson (1893-1944)

married Mabel Ursula Gould (1896-1974)

Cyril Samuel Dyson (1917-1999), Douglas Frederick (1919-1982), Ronald Eugene (1928-2014), Stanley Mervyn (1930-1999) all had a family.

7. John Dyson (1860-1913)

married Alice Louisa Ridley (1875-1906)

7.1. Louisa Sarah Dyson

married Alfred Frederick Brookes (1890-1962)

Basil Alfred Brookes (1913-1976), Sidney George Brookes (1914-1993), Dulcie Alice Louisa Davies (1916-1996), Herbert Thomas Brookes (1916-1993), Bernard Allen Brookes (1918-1990), Living child, with families.

7.2. Sydney John George Dyson (1899-1964)

married Elizabeth MacKay (1907-1987)

Shirley Nash (1929-2011), Donald Sydney Charles Dyson (1938-2016), and living children with families

7.3. Jack Hilton Dyson (1904-1970)

married Adeline Evelina Wright (1908-2002)

Three living children with families.

8. Matthew Dyson (1861-1911)

married Emma Holloway (1877-1952)

8.1. Elizabeth Mary Dyson (1895-1984)

married William George Macfarlane Metcalf (1889-1943)

Ivy Rose Jones (1920-2019), William Matthew Metcalf (1922-2004), Elizabeth Jane Brown (1928-2013) had families.

8.2. Samuel Dyson alias Holliway (1901-1972)

married Julia Darby (1902-1960)

Two living children with families

8.3. Ethel May Dyson (1903-1988)

married Alfred Thomas Gorringe (1900-1969)

Patricia Gwendoline Haysey (1924-1989), Veronica Jean Lowe (1926-2012), and living children have families.

8.4. Louisa May Dyson (1908-1990)

married Arthur Robert Fickling (1903-1967)

Living child, family unknown.

9. Octavius Charles Dyson (1870-1929)

married Maud May Broun (1866-1932)

9.1. May Grace Dyson (1893-1968)

married Albert Ernest Jude (1887-1964)

Albert Ernest Jude (1915-1966), Thelma Grace Dilley (1916-2003), Kenneth George Jude (1920-2006) had families.

9.2. George Henry Dyson (1900-1936)

married Louisa Esther Rowe (1906-1994)

Beryl May Inglis (1927-1999), Ronald George Dyson (1929-2002) had families.

9.3. Alfred William Dyson (1903-1979)

married Mona Adelaide Shaw (1910-1976)

Gwendoline Margaret Roberts (1930-2008), Alma Patricia Retell (1931-2012), Maureen Grace Retell (1939-2010), and living children had families.

10. Mabel Grace Dyson (1874-1944)

married Burleigh Stuart Wilson (1868-1954)

10.1. Madge Grace Wilson (1898-1946)

married Leslie George Gabriel Johnson (1899-1988)

Possible living families

10.2. Hector Wilson (1901-1963)

married Dorothy Josephine Carrol (1901-1988)

Winifred June Crabbe (1931-2009), and many living children who may also have families

10.3. Leslie Stuart “Judy” Wilson ( 1903-1945)

married Edith Marjorie Foster (1917-2001)

living children who may have families

10.4. Hazel Gladys Wilson (1905-1968)

married Joseph Brandon “Don” Langley (1905-1958)

living children who may have families

10.5. Winifred Bessie Wilson (1913-1966)

married Walter Temby (1910-1942), then Frederick Edward Lacey Fricker (1915-)

living children who may have families

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