Reconstructing old Perth out of cardboard (so it lasts, this time)

Wesleyan Church 1870
The Perth Town Hall & legislative council building
The Perth Town Hall & legislative council building from the rear
St Georges Church, the first one.
The Mechanic’s Institute and the Freemason’s hall
The Government offices under construction
The Pump House/Guard House/Police court building. After I made this I found the original plans for this building and there is quite a bit I got wrong!
The Pensioner Barracks
The Pensioner barracks… not to be confused with…
The original soldier’s barracks
Research is the key..
But it helps if you put the buildings on the plan the right way around… (spot the deliberate error)

Spread out, the entire map of old Perth at this scale would cover something like 5 metres x 2 metres. Some what more realistically, I’m hoping to eventually complete a small cross-section of the town as it was at a largely arbitrary date of about 1880.

I’d also like to finish writing my history book on the Dysons this year, so which will come first?

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