Not just Who and When, but Where.


If you don’t like having your assumptions challenged, then don’t get into family history… or seriously study any history, full stop. I thought I had a reasonable idea about where my ancestors came from. 50% or more mainland Britain, 25% western Europe, 20% Scandinavian, and a bit left over for trace elements such as my one set of Irish GGG Grandparents. The Scandinavian bit would be a left over from the Vikings who ran north-east Scotland as an Earldom until the 12th Century. I liked that idea. Then I got a DNA test to round out the picture I though I already knew the dimensions of.

First of all, I am, for the purposes of this test, 100% European (no real surprise there…) but then things started to get interesting:

Ireland 39%
Great Britain 20%
Europe West 17%
Iberian Peninsula 12%
Europe East 6%
Scandinavia 4%
Finland/Northwest Russia 1%
Italy/Greece 1%

Any thing under 6% falls within the range of statistical error…  Bye bye Viking bastards! … 12% Iberian Peninsula? (That’s Spain and Portugal) There is something going on here I have yet to get my head around, and I can’t wait to discover what..

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