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  1. Hello Alan

    Just saying hello and complimenting you on your amazing website.
    I am just starting to research my mothers maternal family tree. Her great aunt is Miriam (known as Myra) Thompson who married George Henry (known as Harry) Dyson – in Broome in 1911. He was the Pearler and they had the Continental Hotel in Broome.
    Perhaps we are related somewhere along the way ?
    I have read, with interest, your article called Thomas Dyson : The Canny One – as he is the father of Harry Dyson.
    My mum doesnt have a computer – so I will print out a copy for her to read (as you’ve kindly allowed).

    If you can point me in the direction of any other articles that may mention Harry Dyson and wife Myra, I would be grateful.
    Plus if you know any relevant information about Myra and Harry that would assist my Ancestry search, that would be very welcome too.

    You have created something very inspiring here. Well done.

    Kind regards

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