Coming eventually in 2020…

AKA: A Book. OR…. the reason there have been so few new posts in the past year.

I may well come to regret committing myself to any sort of timeline as I kinda hoped I would have had this finished by the end of 2019.

Watch this space, but stay hydrated and don’t forget to sleep occasionally.

2 thoughts on “Coming eventually in 2020…”

  1. I am finding this very informative & interesting.
    Perhaps there should be a mini series – spanning from prior to white settlement (or even back to England) with understanding of characters in history (both Australian Aborigines & white settlers) & how all these miseries came to be in the history books.
    It would be wrong to say any country is without some sort of horrible history.
    Being aware & informed is so important.
    I was in my 30s before I was aware of the lowly treatment of Australian Aborigines in their/my beautiful country.
    Horrified by this awareness, I went around asking everyone if they were aware of our dark history.
    On Netflix, I have watched several historical Turkish stories & one of them was Resurrection Ertrugal – the father of Osman, the founder of the Otterman Empire.
    Their history is full of horrific tales. But it is HISTORY! Maybe not 100% accurate but history still the same.
    When a story is told with belief in what is being revealed, it becomes compelling.
    We have good history as well as bad. Both could be combined before it is too far back.
    With kindest regards

    1. Hi Jean,
      Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, I need them! I agree entirely in regards to a mini-series and with the early Western Australian settler population being so tiny, you wouldn’t need to combine too many characters to get a fairly accurate portrayal of the society. My background is in film-making so at one stage I did consider telling these stories as an situation comedy in the style of Blackadder. My biggest obstacle was that as fiction, some of the events were so far fetched no-one would have believed I was basing them on fact and not for a quick laugh.
      Thank you for the watching recommendation which I shall get around to seeing eventually. I think we all need to be reminded that nothing we see on a screen, straight documentary, or dramatisation, can ever be 100% accurate, but I also believe if what we are watching inspires us to wonder what part is actually true (or otherwise) and then investigate further it is a completely worthwhile exercise.
      Best wishes,
      Alan Thompson

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