Rank Hypocrisy

The story of the original United Service Hotel & Tavern Perth Allotment L3 was originally gifted to colonial merchant and all-round important person George Leake, by virtue of him already having a lot of money. He swiftly on-sold it to a consortium consisting of a Portuguese boatman named Joseph Moore and a Mrs Hodges. Moore… Continue reading Rank Hypocrisy

Boom time.

L'Orient, oops!

During the early 1840s, Western Australia experienced its first modern economic boom. This both contributed to and was fed by a sudden expansion in the white settler population. Between 1837 and 1843 the European population doubled. While that sounds impressive, consider this: The total population in 1837 was only 2,025 men, women and children. There… Continue reading Boom time.

Pavement Archaeology

On the pavements of around where I live in a southern suburb of Perth in Western Australia, are many concrete slabs of various shapes, sizes, and marked with various esoteric designs. Show me anything with two or more variations on a basic pattern of anything and I’m going to want to understand why, or more probably make a collection of it