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Choose your own Adventure

This is the tale of two convicts in Van Diemen’s Land. Their story does not have an end yet: happy, sad or otherwise. Can you help?  

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When the apocalypse comes

A few days ago the early warning systems of the islands of Hawaii announced that a intercontinental ballistic missile was heading their way and it was not a drill. Forty-eight hours ago, black ash floated down on the suburbs of Perth. The air not only felt hot, it smelt it. The mid-afternoon light dimmed to a dark orange. The forests around Mundaring were on fire. Twenty-four hours ago the rains began. These were ex-cyclonic rains, they started and did not subside. Twice a summer’s month…

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Fake News

Before the internet, before social media, before electricity itself, there was the newspaper. If you want an exemplar of F—book in print you only need to look in the Social Pages of an early twentieth century newspaper. Invaluable for family historians looking for details of their more well-heeled ancestors, in too-large doses they can make your eyes bleed from the sheer inanity of the detail — mind numbingly minute descriptions of the garments worn by the ladies at certain occasions. — Slavish preoccupation with the…

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