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The antecedents, life and times, and descendants of James Dyson (1810-1888)

A little bit of war profiteering

Sam Dyson was in Egypt at the time. He was among the first to sign up for the Great War and was among the first quota of Western Australians in the AIF. He has been identified in the famous photograph of the ANZACs posing on the side of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. Group portrait of all the original officers and men of the 11th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, AIF Sam would be one of the first on the beach at ANZAC cove, and…

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Grave Matters

Help save the grave of James Dyson and his two wives in East Perth Cemetery The bodies of James Dyson and his wives Fanny and Jane lie in the old East Perth Cemetery. The three were united only briefly together under the same roof in life, and when they died many years apart, they were not necessarily buried in the same plot. But eventually all three were reunited on (not under) a single headstone in a family grave, in the oldest burial ground for the…

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Choose your own Adventure

This is the tale of two convicts in Van Diemen’s Land. Their story does not have an end yet: happy, sad or otherwise. Can you help?  

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